There's no day like TODAY!

We believe the adventure to a better tomorrow starts TODAY! 

Small changes have a big impact on our pets, our planet, and all the big and little creatures we share it with.

That’s why our seriously delicious treats use the finest plant-based, simple ingredients that are big on impact and even bigger on flavor!

Start small. Start simple. Start TODAY!

About Us

Hi! I’m Brian, the Founder of Today's Treat Co. and this is my best friend and paw-tner Rainier! The bond we share with our pets is so heart-meltingly special, and nothing strengthens that bond like the moment when we reward our special friends with a delicious treat.

Today's Treat Co. was founded in the beautiful Pacific Northwest on the idea that there needs to be a better option to highly processed, questionable ingredient treats.

While we know we’re not perfect, we are committed to blazing a new trail, not cutting corners, and doing what’s right for our pets, our planet, and the big and little creatures we share it with! 

We'd love to have you join the pack! Start TODAY!

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