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Peanut Butter Baby Banana

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Peanut butter and banana - is there a more timelessly decadent flavor pairing? It's as delicious as it sounds!

We use just four simple ingredients, starting with real bananas right off the bunch, mixed with an all-natural peanut butter infusion that brings these complementary flavors to life in an irresistibly delicious chew!

Our peanut butter baby banana treats are soft and chewy chunks of whole banana that are excellent for dogs of all sizes. And if you notice a variation in piece size, that is completely normal as we like to use up whole fruits to reduce waste!

    • Whole Fruits & Vegetables

      Whole food & flavor-infused treats, not flour or another boring baked biscuit here!

    • Nothing Artificial

      Our treats contain zero fillers, preservatives, corn, soy, or wheat!

    • Environmentally Friendly

      Reduces impact compared to meat-based alternatives, utilizes wind-power, and includes recyclable packaging!

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